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A look back at the various stops in my career.

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Getting Started

Back in 1996 I created my high school's first web site; that was also my first brush with web development. Twenty years later, I still love the process. Here are some of the things I've learned:

  • user experience testing
  • open source software development
  • agile methodologies
  • system architecture spanning both front and backend
  • big data processing, analytics, and visualization
  • supporting mission-critical enterprise applications
  • user interface design and development

My Experience

Test Double, Agent, 2017-present

As a developer consultant, helped companies deliver quality software, built to last, with top-notch testing.

Canonical USA Inc., Software Engineer, 2014-2017

Worked with design and dev teams to create the frontend for Juju-as-a-Service. Collaborated with designers to bring mocks to life as Javascript/React components, then worked with backend developers to connect those components to the various Go-based microservices.

Francesco Banconi, Software Engineer at Canonical:

Kyle is a talented software engineer. He knows how to develop cloud applications, he knows how to design scalable servers and he constantly provides taste and value also on the client side of web apps. For instance, take a look at to see the quality and value he collaborated in delivering.

On a personal level, Kyle is warm and very collaborative with the team, always willing to help teammates and not afraid to ask the right questions at the right time, therefore helping identifying possible areas of improvements and eventually improving the shared knowledge of the team. He’s been a great cultural fit at Canonical, he’s open, respectful of diversity, reliable and frank.

SourceForge, Senior UX Engineer, 2011-2014

Broadened SourceForge's target audience through the creation, testing, and launch of various software verticals. Conducted user and AB testing that improved summary page-to-download conversions by 8%, leading to almost 1M more downloads each month.

Sonny Scroggin, Designer at SourceForge:

Kyle is not only a very skilled professional, he's an awesome human being. Nothing gets past his unmatched attention to detail as he seems to be able to cover every edge-case, leading to better design decisions. Kyle is dedicated to doing things right, the first time and thinks with the big picture in mind. He has my sincere recommendation.

SourceForge, Software Engineer, 2009-2011

Responsible for replacing the decade-old PHP code with a new Python web app running on top of MongoDB, all on a very tight timeline. The overhaul included gathering requirements, collaborating with other developers and designers, and executing on feature requests in a timely manner.

GFS, Software Engineer II, 2004-2009

Developed enterprise CRM systems, primarily Java development for web-based applications. Taught and mentored peers on test-driven development, continuous integration, pair programming, and other agile techniques.

Mike Greco, Software Engineer at Gordon Food Service:

Kyle and I were team members for several years, and I am proud to have worked along side him. He was a precise software engineer evident in his work and his approach to work as well. His choice of methodology and appropriate toolsets were key factors in his success, and many would look to him for direction in both aspects. Great person to work with as well: intelligent, funny, easy to get along with, and always a team player.

GFS, Software Engineer I, 2001-2004

Supported developers on software configuration management tools and build systems. Replaced ad-hoc tools and systems with standardized Subversion, Ant build files, and Hudson CI server.

Chad Berghorst, Software Engineer at Gordon Food Service:

Kyle is very motivated, detailed, and quality-focused. He continually stays up-to-date with changes in the software engineering field and applies this knowledge to current efforts. Kyle works well both independently and on a team.

My Education

2001: Bachelor of Arts from Calvin College.

Since: School of hard knocks.


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